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Multilingual Nominication!*多言語 de 飲み二ケーション―English, Chinese & French☆



地域の人々と近隣の外国人住民や研究者・留学生等、多様なバックグラウンドを持つ人々が 気軽に集い、飲食しながら気楽に会話を交わすことでお互いを知り、英語でコミニケションする場です。






Nominication is a combination of Nomi (drinking) and communication. In order to deepen mutural understanding and improve English communication skills in an enjoyable atmosphere, we would like to offer a place where people from diverse backgrounds can gather to simply have a good time and get to know each other over a couple of drinks! People of all nationalities and backgrounds and anyone interested in nominication are welcome!

☆Share your stories with others in English! 

In the future, we are looking for volunteers to promote nominication in other languages!







■Location CafeSlow Kokubunji,Tokyo

5min walk from the Kokubunji Sta. 国分寺駅南口から徒歩5分   

〒185-0022 2-20-10 Higashimotomachi Kokubunji   


■日 時

10/12, 11/9, 12/21 (金) *10月以降毎月第2金曜19:00〜21:00定期開催

■Dates & Time

10/12, 11/9, 12/21 (金) *Every 2nd Friday of the month from 7pm to 9pm !


■基本料金設定 参加費1回2時間1,000円+1ドリンク300円〜

■Basic Fee a flat rate of ¥1,000 for a full 2-hour participation. + ¥300 per drink.


■飲 食

別途cash on 500円にて販売。


・季節の野菜サンド/季節の野菜おむすび *いずれもベジタリアン対応です。


■Drinks and food 

cash only 

・beer, organic wine, soft drinks etc @¥300〜 

・Seasonal Vege-Sandwich ¥500・Seasonal Vege-riceball ¥250

※Reservation required at least 3 days in advance to reduce food loss. 



メール:yorusuku2018 (a) gmail.com ※(a)を@へ置換下さい。下記コピペの上、お申込み下さい。


■Inquiries and application

E-mail: yorusuku2018@gmail.com 

Email your name & contact information, the number of paticipants

and make reservation for meal (sandwich or riceball, qty) if needed. 

Walk-in participants are welcome, though we highly appreciate your application in advance. 


How to get to Café Slow

To go to Cafe Slow from Kokubunji Station, use the south exit of the Station, take the street on the left next to Mizuho Bank and walk about 5 minutes. Walk pass the Sutadon (スタ丼and a small park and go down the hill. To your left, there is a used bookstore and the café is located at the opposite side across the road. Café Slow, celebrating its 10th year in Kokubunji, is a beautiful café with a gallery space, serving delicious organic food.


国分寺駅からカフェスローへ行くには、国分寺駅南口を出て、左手 のみずほ銀行横の道を5分ほど進むだけです。スタ丼のお店や小さ な公園を通り過ぎ、坂道を下ると左手にある古本屋さんの、道路を はさんだ向かい側です。ギャラリーも併設され、料理も美味しく、 国分寺で10年目になる素敵なカフェです。


■金曜昼間開催/Every Friday3pm-4pm:多言語カフェ*Multilingual Cafe〜Share yourself & Know your neighboor!こちら